Helping You Shape a Safer, Smarter Battery Future

At Vocai, our mission is to transform the battery industry by innovatively collecting, analyzing, and leveraging deep data to enhance safety, performance, and innovation. We're dedicated to merging safety and performance with state-of-the-art technology, setting new benchmarks 
for manufacturers and the energy sector.

Leaders In Innovation

United by years of experience in new technology engineering, our multi disciplinary team of chemists, scientists, and AI experts is dedicated to transforming the future of energy. Our journey is driven by a commitment to efficiency, ingenuity, and a vision for a smarter, safer, and more sustainable energy future.
Shai Gepshtein, PhD
Vocai CEO, Co-founder
Shai Gepshtein, PhD
CEO, Co-founder
Project leader in the IDF intelligence elite technology unit. Led large-scale projects of cutting-edge technologies with high budgets and hundreds of employees. PhD in Electrical Engineering 
in the field of machine learning.
Yehuda Shen-Bahar
Vocai CTO, Co-founder
Yehuda Shen-Bahar
CTO, Co-founder
Chief engineer in the IDF intelligence elite technology unit. Experience in designing electronic complex and multi-disciplinary systems. Msc. in Electrical Engineering in the field of communication systems. Awarded the Israel Defense Prize.
William Kopelovich
Vocai CSO, Co-founder
William Kopelovich
CSO, Co-founder
Leader of material engineering, analytics, and chemistry groups in the IDF intelligence elite technology unit. Project leader of large-scale electronic systems dev. Msc. Chemistry & BIO-Materials in Fields of Artificial Orthopedic Implants.

Shape the Future of Energy

Schedule a meeting with  our experts to discover how Vocai is setting a new standard 
in the industry and how together, we can ignite a seismic shift in the battery industry.
Vocai is revolutionizing battery safety, performance, and sustainability with our groundbreaking on-chip multi-gas sensing technology powered by AI for predictive and preventative Battery Lifecycle Management.
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